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Living Benefits

“There is a New Modern Life Insurance” plan that very few are aware of today. Majority of all Life insurance plans only pay a benefit in the event of death. What if I were to tell you that this New Modern Life insurance is a plan that you don’t have to die to be able to use? 

“Living Benefits” life insurance is the “New Modern Life Insurance” that can allow you to accelerate your death benefit while you’re still living if you suffered a:  Heart attack, Cancer diagnosis, Stroke, Became Chronically ill or a number of other Qualifying Critical ​illnesses​. 

Living Benefits can help protect you & your family financially in the event something like this where to happen. 

Living Benefits can help safeguard your family from the cause of over 60% of all bankruptcies in the U.S. every year – “Medical Bills that cause a Medical Bankruptcy” following a Critical or Chronic Illness.

The Need for Living Benefits

  • Medical Bankruptcies cause over 60% of all Bankruptcies Each Year
  • 68% of Patients That File For Medical Bankruptcy Were Covered With Health Insurance
  • Each Year There are 1.9 Million People Diagnosed With Cancer in the United States
  • 805,000 Americans Will Have a Heart Attack This Year
  • Over 795,000 in the United States Will Have a Stroke Each Year

Having “Life Insurance with Living Benefits, your family is protected in the event of death. But,  in addition, if you were to suffer a covered critical or chronic illness your family is also protected financially. Can your current life insurance protect you like this?Living Benefits give you the option to accelerate your death benefit while you’re still alive. This is money that can be used to: help pay bills, make mortgage payments, replace lost income, help pay for experimental treatments insurance won’t cover etc. 

Here is a key question everyone needs to ask themselves: Would you be able to survive financially what you did physically? “Living Benefits” would allow you to be able to survive financially while alive!

Look at this example:

If you were diagnosed with a Chronic Illness and now needed daily assistance either at home or in a facility because you now could not do at least “2” of the “6” ADL’s (Assisted Daily Living Activities) do you know how would you pay for this? “Life insurance with Living Benefits”would allow you access to your policy benefits to help pay for this care for up to 4 years either at home or in a facility care. (Without Living Benefits you would have to pay 100% of this cost).

 Living Benefits vs. Traditional Life Insurance

Traditional Life Insurance Versus Living Benefits Life Insurance

You wouldn’t Buy a New Car That Didn’t Come Equipped with Airbags, Right?

So why would you own a life insurance policy that doesn’t come equipped with modern features that allow you early access to your policy benefits if you were to get sick? “Life Insurance with Living Benefits”  is the new modern feature that you can use while still alive if you were to suffer a covered Critical or Chronic Illness. Here is the best part: You can get all of this extra protection at no additional cost!

Contact our office to learn more about how “Life Insurance with Living Benefits” can give you so much protection when compared to Traditional Life Insurance coverage at no additional cost.

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